Autokitchen Key Features

Key Features

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Autokitchen stands out due to its exceptional ability to quickly generate photorealistic images, 360º panoramas, and virtual tours, enabling customers to immerse themselves in their kitchen experience using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even virtual reality glasses.

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Autokitchen‘s Cloud Service allows you to store and share photorealistic images, 360º panoramas, and virtual tours by generating a shareable link, which can be accessed from any Windows, Android, and Apple device.

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Autokitchen generates the kitchen’s breakdown and creates a list of components with measurements. The optional Catalogue Editor allows for customising the furniture manufacturing process. Additionally, there is the option to export this information to a cutting optimiser, or third-party software with a connection to CNC machines.

Subscription service

Subscription Service:

Continuous updates to the latest program versions and product innovations. Includes cloud storage for sharing renders, panoramas, and virtual models, as well as telephone support.

Training and support

Training and Support:

Autokitchen includes a manual and online help, explanatory videos, and tutorials to master the program to its fullest. Training is also provided upon purchase, with additional training available to purchase.

Kitchen planner tool purchase options

Autokitchen Pro Kitchen and Bathroom design software

Autokitchen Pro

Buy the perpetual license for the most powerful kitchen planner software including manufacturer catalogues for materials and appliances. Optional subscription service.

Autokitchen 365 Kitchen Design Software

Autokitchen 365

Subscription version for the most powerful kitchen design program including manufacturer catalogues for materials and appliances. Includes the maintenance and support.

Autokitchen Studio kitchen design software

Autokitchen Studio

Get the perpetual license for the most affordable kitchen design planner with universal catalogues. Unrivalled value for money for kitchen designers.

Main Features

User Friendly

User-Friendly Interface.

Automatic Furnishing

Automatic Furnishing (for generating preliminary designs quickly).

Speed, Flexibility,

Speed, Flexibility, and Power (with limitless customisation).

Design with the level of precision you desire

Precision for Furniture Placement, Measurements, and Angles.

Customizable universal Catalogues

Broad and diverse customisable universal Catalogues that allow you to design kitchens of any style or manufacturer.

High-Quality technical plans, elevations and 3D Visuals

High-Quality technical plans, elevations and 3D Visuals.

File Compatibility

File Compatibility: Share projects, plans, and images with others who do not have Autokitchen but can access DWG files.

Maintain your own catalogs using AutoCAD® blocks.

Create and maintain your own catalogues using AutoCAD® blocks.

Autokitchen, compatibilidad con Sketchup

In addition to thousands of objects in the extensive catalogues included with Autokitchen, you can use SketchUp® objects in your projects.

Autokitchen Pro and 365 Catalogue Editor.

Catalogue Editor

When you buy our kitchen planner tools Autokitchen Pro or Autokitchen 365, there is an optional tool available for creating and customising catalogues to your liking.

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