Autokitchen Pro and 365 Catalog Editor

Editor de catálogos de Autokitchen Pro y 365

Autokitchen Catalog Editor

Tool available for Autokitchen Pro and Autokitchen 365.

This tool allows you to create new kitchen catalogs in Autokitchen Pro and Autokitchen 365 (*not available for the Studio version). You can do so by creating de cabinets from scratch or by modifying the Universal catalogs provided with your version of Autokitchen.

Key Features of the Catalog Editor:

Automatic Furnishing

With the Catalog Editor, you can Customise codes, modify existing furniture, and create new furniture. You can create new door combinations, configure drawer dimensions, door gaps, handle positions, cornice dimensions, lighting fixtures, countertops, and more.

Maintain your own catalogs using AutoCAD® blocks.

You can also Customise the furniture construction method to ensure precise dimensions in the part list of kitchens designed with Autokitchen.

Export changes to estimate

All changes made in a catalog can be automatically exported to Estimate for quoting kitchens designed with the new catalogs.

Autokitchen Catalog Editor main features

Autokitchen Catalog Editor FAQs