A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Version Autokitchen 24

The upcoming upgrade of Autokitchen, version 24, is on its way, bringing along a slew of enhancements that promise to make it the ultimate tool for kitchen design professionals. From improvements in virtual reality to enhanced compatibility with other industry programs, Autokitchen 24 presents itself as the essential tool for those seeking versatility and excellence in their designs. In this article, we will delve into the key features of the forthcoming Autokitchen version and explore how these innovations could transform the kitchen design industry.

1. Elevated Virtual Reality:

One of the major anticipated improvements in Autokitchen 24 lies in the realm of Virtual Reality (VR). In this new version, kitchen showroom customers will be able to immerse themselves in an entirely fresh design experience, allowing them to virtually explore their future kitchen while experimenting with various finishes and materials in real-time. Equipped with virtual reality goggles, kitchen store customers can take a virtual stroll through their potential kitchen and experiment with different materials to create their dream space. This feature has the potential to simplify the decision-making process and forge a deeper connection between the client and their design project.

2. Inserting SketchUp Objects:

In the eagerly awaited version 24, Autokitchen takes a step forward in terms of design flexibility by allowing users to incorporate SketchUp objects into their Autokitchen Project. This feature will further enrich the options from our accessories catalog, providing a myriad of customization options for discerning users. Designers will have the ability to introduce their unique creations into the design space and experiment with fresh and original ideas. This added to the already existing AutoCAD compatibility are a testimony to Microcad Software’s commitment to creating highly versatile and compatible design tools, as exemplified by Autokitchen.

3. Faster Rendering Speed:

Autokitchen 24 is poised to astonish users, especially those who have explored similar tools, when they put the rendering feature to the test. The development team has maximized the rendering engine’s capabilities, achieving a substantial reduction in waiting times, with reductions of up to 20 times compared to the previous version. By fully harnessing the potential of the graphics card and processor, users can generate realistic renders in a fraction of the time they used to require. Additionally, this change will allow users to continue working in autokitchen while the render is being generated. This improvement will not only accelerate the workflow but also enable designers to focus on creativity and perfecting details without being hindered by lengthy rendering times.

4. Enhanced Automatic Furnishing Tool:

In Autokitchen 24, the automatic furnishing tool has undergone a complete redesign to offer higher quality results. Based on a defined architecture, the program will be able to automatically configure the kitchen layout following the user’s guidelines. This automated approach will not only save time but also provide an opportunity to offer clients who are still comparing options for an approximate budget within a matter of minutes. This enhancement underscores Autokitchen’s dedication to streamlining the design process and simplifying the work of professionals in the kitchen domain.

Autokitchen 24 Features 1
Autokitchen 24 Features 2

The Ultimate Kitchen Design Program:

Autokitchen 24’s upcoming version arrives bringing with improvements tailored to meet the needs of kitchen design professionals. From the new improvements we highlight, the ability to modify materials in a virtual reality environment to incorporating custom SketchUp objects, reducing rendering times and the sophisticated automatic furnishing tool that adapts to the designer’s requirements. Thanks to these improvements, Autokitchen 24 remains an essential tool for those seeking to provide exceptional design experiences and achieve outstanding results in the kitchen arena. The new Autokitchen version is expected to be available by the end of the year. Those interested in trying Autokitchen can request a personalized online demonstration.